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The following article is exerpted from Postfix: The Definitive Guide. This is a very short section, but it addresses an issue that still seems to be a problem for people.

It has been translated into in Russian presented by Everycloud technologies

There is one slightly tricky aspect to get Postfix and Mailman working together correctly. Mailman expects to be invoked by a process running with a particular group id (GID). The GID it expects is specified at the time the Mailman package is built. If you are building the package yourself, make sure that you first create an account and a group called mailman. You should be able to use the normal administrative tools on your system to create both the account and the group. When you are finished, you should have an entry in /etc/passwd that resembles the following:

mailman:*:26413:60003:Mailman List Manager:/home/mailman:/bin/sh
And an entry in /etc/group like the following:
Make sure that the account mailman has the group mailman as its primary group. In the examples above 60003 specifies the mailman group and the mailman account has that as its primary group.

When you run configure for Mailman, be sure that you include the option --with-mail-gid=xxx where ‘xxx’ is the actual GID for the mailman group that you created. According to the examples above, you should execute configure using 60003 for the GID option.

$ ./configure --with-mail-gid=60003
You may have additional options for configure according to your environment. Be sure to read the Mailman documentation for building the package. If you have already built your Mailman package and you did not specify the group, build it again. If you didn't build your Mailman package, see the sidebar in this chapter.

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